Excel Formula Concepts

This page is an extension of the section related to implementing a function when summarizing data the-data-analysis-process. Remember that functions are used to modify, summarize and validate data: that the values from cells create a range (or variable) by which data can be converted, duplicated, filtered, referenced, restored and sorted.

Common Functions

Formulas use functions to perform calculations on values based on a specified relationship between values or a range of values. They then return values in a cell of choice, which helps create mini-datasets based the original datasets: these formulas can be copied and pasted into cells for reuse. Excel has a Formulas tab with built-in function features that can be readily applied by selecting Insert Function.

There are a lot of *Formulas* and functions to learn that analyst should be familiar with. All functions can be categorized and used to perform basic calculations, evaluate data based on financial, logical, statistical or text principles, used to reference data or for another purpose. These are the functions that I am focused on learning:

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