The vocabulary provided is relevant for passing the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Examination, up to the level of pre-intermediate. Select a category to review that group of words.

 Adverbs + Adjectives

There are nearly 100 adverbs and adjectives included in this list. Adverbs are used to modify or qualify an adjective, verb or expression related to time, place, degree, etc. Adjectives are used to modify or describe a noun.

 Conjunctions + Particles + Prepositions + Pronouns

This list includes an assortment of conjunctions, particles, prepositions and pronouns that can be used to coordinate sentences, perform a grammar function that connects sentences, establish a relationship between nouns and pronouns with other words in a clause and refer to people or objects, respectively.

 Length Units + Numbers

This list includes units of measurement for length and numbers: these words help quantify objects by acting as a key that acknowledges an object as being of a specified type.


This list includes nearly 200 nouns, which are used to describe people, places or things, often providing a specific name.


This list includes more than 100 verbs, which are used to describe an action or occurrence of something happening.