Web / Tech Trainer

Substitute Teacher Extraordinaire, Web Developer
Curricula Research, Class Management, DevOps
Web Tech Education Advocate, TEFL Expert

Teaching Experience

Substitute Teacher
Jefferson Co. Public Schools
1/2018 - Present
Louisville, KY
  1. Responsible for maintaining class routines, creating a positive learning environment, keeping learners on task and encouraging cooperative learning techniques
  2. Complete professional development activities related to classroom management and accommodating the diverse needs of students
  3. Awarded 100+ assignments at 42 schools; facilitated courses for more than 2,800 learners
TEFL Specialist
Independent Contractor
8/2003 - 5/2017
Northeast Asia
  1. Facilitated nearly 10,000 hours of ESL / ESP courses
  2. Utilized Boomerang Approach among various strategies to challenge learners and maximize student-talking-time
  3. Administered language assessments for initial learner placement and maintained records of learner progress
  4. Contributed efforts recruiting native English speakers
  5. Orchestrated TEFL training for new hires
  6. Organized extra-curricular activities


Web Development
<Code> Louisville
1/2015 - 9/2015
Louisville, KY
  1. Utilized online curriculum to learn web design / development
  2. Met with mentor and cohort peers weekly to formulate strategies to complete <code> challenges
  3. Awarded Certificates of Completion for Android, CSS, HTML JavaScript and PHP
Microsoft Office CERT
  1. Demonstrated proficiency using Office Suite
  1. Completed a 100-hour course to learn the fundamentals of teaching English as a second language
B.A. Political Science
The University of Louisville
1/2000 - 5/2003
Louisville, KY
  1. Business Co-Op with the Econ Village Group
  2. Intern: General Counsel's Office, DC WATER
  3. Intern: Office of Budget Review, Kentucky Legislature
  4. Elected chapter President of Pi Sigma Alpha
  5. Student Assistant for Office of the President
  6. Mentor + Tutor with the Louisville Urban League


Where education and technology intersect, you can find me hovering, like an aerial drone. Traditional education practices are being disrupted by tech advancements while laying the foundation for out digital future: a utopian place where humans collaborate remotely to solve complex problems. I am a witness to how technology-based educational strategies encourage active learning, collaboration and exploration in learners like no teacher can.