I Make Learning Fun!

I am a substitute teacher with J.C.P.S. where I provide learning services to youth of all ages. I have held this position since January 2018 and have been awarded 100+ assignments at 42 schools where I have facilitated lessons to more than 2,800 students.

I first ventured into the field of education as a student at the University of Louisville where I earned a degree in political science. I gained invaluable leadership experience through a plethora of opportunities afforded to me. Yet, my role serving at-risk youth for a non-profit convinced me of my calling: I was 19.

Shortly after graduation, I embarked on a sojourn abroad: what should have been a gap year before enrolling in law school turned into a life altering culturally immersive experience.

In my free time, I tinker with web technologies and am currently developing a portfolio to illustrate my proficiencies as a web developer, an interest that stems from my participation in a pseudo-boot camp that introduces web dev best practices and concepts. To this end, I can design, develop and deploy a website to spec. Explore my toolkit to ascertain my knowledge.

JCPS students attend Startup Weekend