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Shortly after graduation, I embarked on a sojourn abroad to teach English as a second language. What was supposed to have been a gap year before enrolling in law school turned into a life altering foreign cultural immersive experience.

Life as an emigrant was challenging, yet, as a life-learner having formally studied Francais, Espanol, Hangul, Nihongo and Putonghua, I empathize well with language acquisition struggles learners encounter. Some of the agencies that enabled me to practice my craft include Sogang University, Oxford Seminars, Joongdong High School, YBM Academy, Chien-Shiung Institute of Technology, Tongxiang Middle School, Shanghai Ocean University and Jiaxing College.

My interest in web technologies stems from my participation in <code> Louisville, a web dev platform introduces best practices and concepts related to front-end web development. To this end, I can design, develop and deploy a website to specification. Currently doing my part to build the ecosystem, most recently helping organize a local startup event. Working on an e-book for folks interested in learning the craft.