Mister Moody


I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in a single-parent household. The relationship between my father and I had severed at age seven, and his absence could best explain the behavioral and emotional rollercoaster that I would endure throughout my youth. Environmental and financial woes frequently displaced my family, but we were able to cope with scarce provisions.

At age 11, I discovered a passion for playing basketball, and devoted all of my energy toward the sport. Like many of the kids that I grew up with, attending college was an elusive life experience attainable only through athletic scholarship. I developed well as a player competing in amateur athletics, which led to my enrollment at an academically rigorous institution that allowed me to showcase my athletic talents while preparing me for a tertiary education. As a senior and team captain, I led my school to a state tournament and had received my fair share of scholarship offers. That was until I blew out my knee: my injury scared aware every school that had recruited me, resulting in 100% of all offers being rescinded. Because I graduated in the top-percentile of my class, being accepted into a university was not much of a challenge. Paying the tuition, on the other hand, was and so I hedged a bet to mortgage my future for a university education!

While attending university, I became interested in economics and political science: I wanted to better understand the system functionality of American democracy. The opportunities to explore this field were ample while living the student life: I performed internships with local, state and federal government agencies, explored tort law at a prestigious university and provided assistance for a limited liability company with drafting an overseas private investment corporation application. As a university graduate, however, I was not as fortunate in procuring suitable employment related to my degree. Moreover, I had come to the stark reality that attending law school was an expense that I simply could not afford. Instead of settling for the first job to become available, I embarked on a sojourn abroad to teach English as a Second Language. I landed in South Korea three months after graduating university with the mindset that I would save up for law school. That didn't happen. Instead, I began to explore the world, having since travelled to nearly two dozen nations. I accomplished these feats, and many more, through my service to others which was teaching~

Basketball was always more than a game for me: it was an outlet for expression and a means to achieve the American dream. Being an athlete allowed me to become a scholar. Being a scholar led me to study multiple disciplines at seven colleges and universities in three countries. Through education I altered the trajectory of my future and in the process I became an educator.

Teaching Experience

Substitute Teacher
Jefferson Co. Public Schools
1/2018 - Present
Louisville, KY
  1. Responsible for maintaining class routines, keeping learners on task, creating a positive learning environment and encouraging cooperative learning techniques
  2. Engage in professional development activities related to instructional strategies and accommodating the diverse needs of students as well as behavioral intervention and restraint
  3. Awarded 50+ assignments at 21 schools; facilitated courses for more than 1,800 learners
TEFL Specialist
Independent Contractor
8/2003 - 5/2017
Northeast Asia
  1. Nearly 10,000 hours facilitating courses to learners of varying fluency
  2. Awarded Foreign Expert Certificate by Peoples Republic of China to assist foreign language departments; charged with assisting staff with curricula development and course facilitation
  3. Cooperated with private agencies and recruiters to scout ESL teacher candidates


Web Development
<Code> Louisville
1/2015 - 9/2015
Louisville, KY
  1. Utilized online curriculum to learn full-stack development best practices
  2. Attended weekly meetups to strategize for how to tackle curriculum code challenges
  3. Awarded Certificates of Completion for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Android
Microsoft Office CERT
  1. Demonstrated proficiency using Office Suite
  1. Completed a 100-hour curriculum on topics that included classroom management, lesson planning and teaching English grammar to non-native speaker.
B.A. Political Science
the University of Louisville
1/2000 - 5/2003
Louisville, KY
  1. Business Co-Op with The Econ Village Group
  2. Office of Budget Review Intern with the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission
  3. Elected chapter President of Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honors Society)
  4. Student Assistant for Office of the President
  5. Volunteer Tutor with the Louisville Urban League


Web Design 80%
HTML5 | CSS3 | IA/UI/UX | Accessibility
Web Develop 68%
PHP7 | Composer | JavaScript | npm
Application Deployment 82%
Server Configuration | Version Control | SFTP
Writing & Editing 91%
Creative | AP & MLA Style | Research
Interpersonal 79%
Articulate | Ethical | Problem Solver | Weird A.F.


Pass the PRAXIS examination in order to enroll in a Master of Arts Teaching program. Review the Kentucky Department of Educations' Academic Standards for reading, writing and computer science. Dive into the new JCPS Digital Backpack for Teachers. Explore the possibility of establishing a summer program that encourages youth to explore career pathways related to aquaponics and web application development. Brush up on my Mandarin and Spanish. Code and craft more~