Non-traditional educator with a plethora of experiences delivering language acquisition services for private and public institutions of education in China, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

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Self-taught web implementation specialist able to proficiently design, develop and deploy a web application to specification.

Sewing in a Chinese FactoryAs a designer, I can adapt a low-fidelity prototype into a viable website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, content management tools and digital media. As a developer, I utilize the PHP scripting language that incorporates object-oriented programming practices to integrate server-side functionality into a web application. Vital components of this process entails auscultating user-experience; amalgamating accessibility, performance requirements and other technical considerations; HTTP server installation; database configuration; and using the SSH protocol in conjunction with version control to provide secure remote access to mitigate maintenance concerns. To this end, I am currently exploring opportunities by which I can leverage my skillset to pursue a position in the tech industry.

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